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24th Economic Forum in Krynica Zdrój

The 24th annual Economic Forum took place in Krynica Zdroj on the 2nd - 4th of September. The event brought together thousands of eminent personalities both from Europe and from around the world to discuss the most important and current problems of today's economy.

President Aleksander Kwasniewski actively participated in panels on the European crisis and the problems in Ukraine as well as in the opening.

“Leadership is acceptable through dialogue, convincing and persuasion, but hardly acceptable by imposing decisions regarded by the leader as the most important ones” – said a former President of the Republic of Poland, Aleksander Kwasniewski, during the panel opening the Economic Forum in Krynica.

"By his attitude, professed values, consistency and also ethical attitude, the leader builds his credibility encouraging people to follow him and believe that he can be right in a risky situation" – said former president during the panel "Post-crisis world – time for new leaders". According to Mr. President, one of the most significant challenges of contemporary leadership are extremely rapid changes affecting the world. It is very difficult to forecast anything in such circumstances.

24th Economic Forum had over 200 panels, discussions and presentations mostly concentrated on the economic, political and social issues as well as challenges combine with the new technologies and health care.

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