Foundation Amicus Europae

The Foundation’s main mission is the support for European Integration and promotion of dialogue and reconciliation as a method of solving political and regional conflicts.

The key priorities of the Foundation are:


  • Development of the European Neighborhood Policy, with a special focus on Ukraine and Belarus;
  • Fostering the Transatlantic Dialogue and Future of Europe Debates;
  • Development of Civic Society in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE);
  • Development of good neighborhood and balanced relations with Russia;
  • Integration of national and religious minorities in local societies;
  • Popularization of the multinational, multicultural and multi-religious history of our region in CEE societies.

To advance its mission, the Amicus Europae Foundation develops programs and partnerships - “Initiatives of Aleksander Kwaśniewski”. Every initiative encourages long-term thinking and aims at practical applicability of its attainments and conclusions.

The Foundation organizes debates and international conferences with participation of international leaders and various representatives of civic society. The debates promote a specific spirit of dialogue and concept of public life functioning, which is strongly related to the achievements of Aleksander Kwaśniewski’s Presidency.

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