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40th Veerstichting Symposium

On June 14th Mr. President Aleksander Kwaśniewski took part in the 40th Symposium organized by the Veerstichting Foundation, a non-governmental non-profit organization.

The Dutch foundation was established in 1978 by a group of students who felt the need for a different kind of interaction with the so-called "designers of society" and create an inspiring place that catalyzes the exchange of ideas and experiences. After an enthusiastic response, the initiative evolved into an annual symposium. The aim of the foundation is still to promote the debate between students and the “leaders of today”.

The subject of the 40th Veerstichting Symposium was "Boundaries of shaping the world". The issue was considered in the context of the extremely rapid development of technology, which at the same time gives a sense of power over the world around us and helplessness in an increasingly complex world. Participants of the Symposium sought to answer the questions concerning the amount of power we have over our own lives arises. Do we still shape our world, or are we being shaped? Does the individual still have power over their own lives or do we stand powerless?

President Aleksander Kwasniewski, at the Symposium, addressed the issue of position of Poland in the European Union based on his political experience and discussed current political trends.

Every year, 250 students and the same number of people from the business environment, government, science, art, interest groups and the media participate in the Symposium. To guarantee the quality and relevance of the exchange of views, they are invited personally to attend. In both groups of participants, diversity is sought for the meeting to be refreshing and inspiring through the clash of different perspectives.


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