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European Executive Forum 2016

Will the European Economic Dream come true?

Is there a leader among us?

Are innovations and new technologies present in Polish economy, so we can make the economic dream come true?

Those were the lead-questions during the 4th edition of the European Executive Forum, organized by the Executive Club, that took place between 7-8th of April in Sofitel Victoria hotel in Warsaw.

The organizers manage once again to gather distinguished speakers in fields of economy, science and technologies. One of the key-speakers Chris Lawney – economist, writer, former Jesuit and the director general of J.P. Morgan Bank, brought to the attention the issues of wise management, based on values, and assured that everyone can become a leader. This fascinating lecture was followed by a panel focusing on issue of European leadership and the problems which are faced by European to make the economic dream come true.

What about innovations?

Well, it is the role of Polish entrepreneurs, who do not fear challenges and using new technologies to push Europe towards being a leader of innovations

What does Europe need?

Visionaries, leaders, brave entrepreneurs, who follow the technological revolution for the good of the economy, which gives them ideas to search for effective methods of fighting the competition.
Those leaders were prized with the European Leadership Awards in 6 categories. Amongst laureates were Michał Sołowow (Synthos), Alex Remez (Xerox), Karol Zarajczyk (Ursus), PKN Orlen – Charity Leader.