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FEPS Talks: Belarus has woken up – the struggle for self-determination thanks to women, workers and youth.

Mr. President Aleksander Kwaśniewski in the conversation with Dr Anna Skrzypek took part in 46th episode of FEPS Talks.

FEPS: “It’s been 20 long days since the Presidential elections in Belarus. Their announced outcome, giving a landslide victory to the President Łukaszenko, prompted protests across the country. Thousands and thousands join in, standing up for freedom, democracy and justice. At the forefront are women, workers and young people - who want a different future for their country. Their determination is a key to perseverance of the mobilisation, whilst they are faced with brutality, intimidation and possible arrests. These developments put a sparkle, which set on a spotlight on a country that especially for the EU has not been in the focus for a very long time.”

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