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Statement in support for Afghan Women.

Mr. President Aleksander Kwaśniewski is one of the signatories under the open letter from World Leaders Calling for Afghan Women’s Meaningful Participation in the Peace Process.

An Open Letter from World Leaders Calling for Afghan Women’s Meaningful Participation in the Peace Process.

“We call upon all relevant national, regional and international actors to pursue a peaceful, stable Afghanistan by ensuring women’s full participation in the peace process. After 40 years of conflict, there may finally be an opportunity for peace. The international community has an obligation to assist with ensuring that the peace forged is durable and this opportunity is not squandered.
As global leaders and foreign policy experts, we have seen clear proof that women’s involvement is key to establishing a lasting and sustainable peace. The substantive involvement of women in peace talks makes agreements more likely to be attained and upheld. We have seen evidence of women’s powerful influence in peace processes in recent times, from Colombia to the Philippines. The direct impact women’s participation has on ensuring stability makes their inclusion an international security issue, which the UN Security Council recognized when it adopted the landmark resolution on Women, Peace and Security (UNSCR 1325) twenty years ago this fall.
In the peace process underway in Afghanistan, the international community should prioritize women’s meaningful inclusion in order to help obtain the long-term security goals we have been working toward for decades. We have already seen enormous progress in Afghanistan since women have begun to be integrated into society as equal citizens. The Taliban banned girls from schooling and today over 3.5 million girls are enrolled. Women went from being virtually erased under Taliban rule to becoming policewomen, teachers, public officials, mayors and entrepreneurs. In 2019, women accounted for 28% of the Afghan parliament – a proportion higher than 67% of countries tracked by the World Bank. They will not surrender these gains. Peace cannot be made on the backs of Afghan women.
Guaranteeing the preservation of equality, democracy, and inclusivity will promote stability and help to protect future generations from the threat of extremism. Afghanistan, the region, and the world would all be safer as a result.

Given the key role of women in ensuring a durable peace, the following measures are necessary:
• Women need to be party to the negotiations, not just an issue to be discussed.
• Women must be involved throughout every step of the process.
• The perspective of women and youth must be reflected in any agreement.

To ensure these goals are met, we call on the international community to do the following:
• Persuade negotiators to preserve equal rights for all its citizens as guaranteed by the Afghan constitution.
• Condition international aid on the preservation of the rights and liberties currently enjoyed by Afghan citizens, especially women’s rights.
• Implement legitimate and established monitoring mechanisms for ensuring the maintenance of rights. Ensure these mechanisms are outlined in the peace agreement and that women are part of the development, implementation and monitoring of such mechanisms.

An oppressive Afghanistan will not be stable, safe or prosperous. In order to honor the sacrifices and investments that have been made over many years, we must prioritize the future role of women in Afghanistan – which starts with their substantive involvement in the peace process."

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