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The 13th Yalta European Strategy (YES) Annual Meeting

In July 2004, the Victor Pinchuk brought together about 30 European leaders at the first seminar of the Yalta European Strategy , to discuss the prospects of Ukraine 's accession to the EU. Over the years , thanks to YES, an international network of support for Ukraine's acting to strengthen public diplomacy was established.

President Aleksander Kwasniewski as a member of the Yalta European Strategy participate in the eighteenth meeting of the organization in Kievon 15-18 September. In the opening speech Mr. President stressed the importance of the discussion about Ukraine regarding fundamental democratic values .

“Today, Ukraine’s future may be discussed only in the global context. And it is not possible any more to talk about the future of the modern world without a debate on Ukraine. World is changing. We redefine rules and goals that will determine the world in the 21st century. Ukraine is a test for us all, a test of our commitment to the fundamental values such as freedom of nations, the right of states to sovereignty, peaceful coexistence. This philosophy was initially in the foundation of the Yalta European Strategy. YES has been keeping committed to this approach for 12 years of its action. It is this view that enables us to reach productive results in our discussions. This is not just about dreaming and talking, this is about the search for real solutions”.
“The world is losing interest in the Ukrainian crisis, so it is important to fight for the unity and support of the EU” Aleksander Kwasniewski, said in his closing remarks at the 13th YES Annual Meeting.
“The bad news is that we have less and less interest and energy amongst the allies of Ukraine, especially in the European Union and the United States. Because time is passing, we have new problems, and the news media has moved on to reporting different stories on their front pages, like North Korea, the American Election, etc. This is not good for Ukraine, we need to stay at the top of the agenda to maintain our international support, international understanding and international unity,”
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