Yalta European Strategy


Yalta European Strategy (YES) – is an international non-partisan network established in 2004 by Ukrainian businessman and public figure Victor Pinchuk.

Its mission is to promote the development of a just, free and prosperous Ukraine and to support Ukraine’s reform process and eventual accession to the EU. YES brings together international leaders from politics, business and society to debate global and regional challenges and develop policy recommendations. Yalta European Strategy is governed by an international board: Aleksander Kwasniewski (Chairman), Stephane Fouks, Victor Pinchuk, Alexander Rahr, Jean-Pierre Saltiel, and Marek Siwiec.
The YES Annual Meeting is the largest and most influential non government platform in Ukraine and the region. Among the speakers were, among others, Bill Clinton, Tony Blair, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Gerhard Schroeder, Yulia Tymoshenko, James Wolfensohn, Victor Yushchenko, Viktor Yanukovych.

More at: http://yes-ukraine.org/